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Next Steps
Confirm Enrollment 
SEVIS transfer
Set up your NEC Email
Course Registration
CPT Authorization
Pay Tuition
Log in to Class ​​


Follow these Next Steps for a successful start!
Upcoming Deadlines can be found here.

Please note: You must have an internship/ job set up by the term start in order to fulfill the immediate internship requirement in the U.S.**

**Eligible F-1 students will complete their required internship or job through CPT (Curricular Practical Training) authorization. This is an integral part of the Executive program curriculum. Internships or jobs must directly relate to the program objectives of the student’s chosen program of study.


1. You have received the NEC Congratulations! Email. This is your Acceptance Letter


2. Confirm your enrollment by submitting the Enrollment Confirmation Form. 

  • By signing the form, you signal your intent to enroll in your selected program start. *Please only submit this form if you are certain of your plans to enroll at NEC.

3. Request a SEVIS record transfer from your current school 

  • The deadline for SEVIS record release date is 4pm EST the Wednesday before the program starts.
  • ​The Congratulations! email you received contains the details your current school international advisor will need to set up the transfer.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from your Admission Counselor once your SEVIS record has been received by NEC. 
  • Monitor your email inbox and spam folders for emails from NEC.

4. Set up your NEC logins

  • 1 to 3 business days after you receive the email confirmation in Step 3. you will recive an email with your login information. 

5. Receive Course Registration from your Academic Advisor

  • An Academic Advisor from studentservices_gps@nec.edu will contact you, close to the term start, with instructions on your course registration. The email will be sent to your NEC email account only. 
6. Receive your Initial Attendence I-20 and Employment Agreement Form (EAF) 
  • After your SEVIS record transfers to NEC, the NEC International Advisor (DSO) will email the EAF to be completed prior to receiving your CPT authorized I-20. This will be sent to your personal email address that you applied with.
  • Internships or jobs must directly relate to the program objectives of the student’s chosen program of study. 
7. Complete and Submit the Employment Agreement Form (EAF) 
  • Please note: You must have an internship/ job for the program start in order to fulfill the immediate internship requirement for this program.
  • After your SEVIS record transfers to NEC, your admission counselor will send the Employment Agreement Form (EAF) to be completed by you and your supervisor. Follow the instructions in that email carefully for all the necessary next steps. Once your EAF is complete, you will submit the completed form to EAF@nec.edu for approval.

8. Wait for the NEC DSO to send your CPT aurthorized I-20 ​ 

  • Use your NEC email account to send your approved EAF to international@nec.edu. The DSO will review it and process your CPT-authorized I-20.

  • ​This will take 1 - 3 business days. The DSO will email it to your NEC email account only. 

  • ​​Do not work until you have the CPT I-20 and have confirmed the CPT dates and employer information on page 2 of your I-20 are correct. 

9. Pay Your Tuition at MyNEC

  • Your bill will calculate and can be paid after Step 5 has been completed.
  • ​Payment is due by 4pm EST the Friday before your program starts. This is a strict deadline; we are unable to make exceptions Failure to pay by the due date will result in being dropped from classes and the Termination of your SEVIS record. 
  • A Monthly payment plan is available. You must set up your payment plan by the deadline. There is a $65 Service Fee with this plan.
  • Email Student Financial Services, SFS@nec.edu, with tuition and payment questions. 

10. Log in to Blackboard the Saturday or Sunday before the program start date. 

  • Monitor your nec.edu email account for the Welcome Email from your Academic Advisor from studentservices_gps@nec.edu.

  • Log in to your Blackboard, sign in to each course, review your syllabi and "participate". Please note: Blackboard will not be available until the Friday before your program starts.

  • Enjoy the program!​

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