Congratulations! | Next Steps for Graduate International Continuing Executive Students
Next Steps
1.Confirm Enrollment - COEL
2. Course Registration
3. Complete Employment Authorization Form (EAF)
4. Pay Your Tuition
5. Receive your updated I-20
6. Log In to Blackboard
7. Take a Virtual Tour of NEC ​​


We're so happy you're joining us for another program! Please see the next steps below and complete them in order.

You have received our Welcome to NEC email titled "Congratulations!" This email is your Acceptance Letter.

1. Confirm Enrollment - Complete Change of Education Level (COEL) Form

  • Your first step to confirming enrollment is completing and submitting the COEL form
  • If you are an F-1 student, you must complete a Change of Education Level (COEL) form (also used to change to a new graduate program at the same academic level.)
  • Complete the COEL form and send it to ASAP to maintain your F-1 status and be registered for class. At this time, you will be assigned a new program DSO. Read the details of the COEL form carefully. No late COEL requests will be processed due to F-1 regulations. 
  • Your NEC DSO will send you a new program I-20 with further instructions. 
  • With the new program I-20, your DSO will send you a new EAF form which you must complete to get approval and authorization for CPT. (See Step 3 below)  

2. Receive Course Registration

  • Academic Advising will register you for your courses. Students cannot register themselves.
  • Academic Advising will send your registration to your email account.
  • Please contact with questions. 
3. Complete the Employment Authorization Form (EAF)
Please note: You must have an internship/ job set up by the term start in order to fulfill the immediate internship requirement in the U.S.

Eligible F-1 students will complete their required internship or job through CPT (Curricular Practical Training) authorization. This is an integral part of the Executive program curriculum. Internships or jobs must directly relate to the program objectives of the student’s chosen program of study. 

  • When you receive the EAF form, complete it.Fill it out completely, including your signature and your work supervisor’s signature.
  • Send the completed EAF and a copy of your Job Offer Letter to
  • When the EAF is approved, the EAF will be emailed back to you with an approval signature.
  • If at any time during the admission process you change programs, please be sure to send an updated EAF that reflects the correct program you will be enrolling in. 
  • ​You will then submit the approved EAF to your DSO/International Advising for Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) authorization. (See Step 6 below)
  • If you have questions about the EAF, contact
  • If you have questions about CPT, contact your DSO or email 
  • Your DSO will review your EAF and will approve eligible CPT on an updated I-20, which your DSO will send to you electronically.
  • Do not begin work until the CPT authorization date listed on the updated I-20 you will receive. CPT authorization dates appear on page two of the I-20; check for accuracy: SEVP holds the student accountable for the correct dates; alert your DSO if there are any errors. 
  • Deadline: two weeks before the term begins. Turnaround for CPT authorization is 48 hours for those CPT requests submitted on the Thursday before a start. 
4. Pay Your Tuition 
  • Pay through MyNEC once you have been registered for classes.
  • Payment is due by 4PM EST the Friday before your term starts. This is a strict deadline; we are unable to make exceptions.  
  • Failure to pay by the due date will result in you being dropped from courses, and as a result of failure to maintain status will require the Termination of your SEVIS record. 
  • Monthly Payment Plan is available. You must set up your payment plan by the deadline. There is a $65 Service Fee with this plan.   
  • Contact Student Financial Services with any questions about tuition, bill and payment options at or call 603-428-2226.
5. Receive Your Updated I-20
  • It can take up to 10 business days to receive your CPT-authorized I-20; please be patient.
  • Once you have received your I-20 via email from your new program DSO with CPT endorsed, verify it for accuracy. 
  • Do not work until you have CPT authorization. Verify the dates on page 2 of the I-20. 

6. Login to Blackboard
  • Monitor your email account for the Welcome Email from your Academic Advisor. 
  • Access to Blackboard
  • Sign into each course, review syllabi, and participate! 
​7. Take a Virtual Tour of Campus
  • Campus tour available here:
  • See below for an aerial view of our beautiful Henniker campus in the Fall!

Still have questions?  Please check the resources on the International Advising Website 


Enjoy the program! 

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